Frequently Asked Questions

Super excited to grab a watch, where do the donations go?

All donations are made to Charity Water, we will post all donations made quarterly! We donate $30 from every watch sale and 30% of the proceeds from all other products. Charity Water uses the money to help bring clean water to people all over the world in underdeveloped countries.


I'm a girl looking to support, no watches for me, what gives?

Great question! Right now we're in the process of designing and manufacturing a watch for ladies, should have them up for purchase around November! In the meantime, our shirts, phone cases, and pop-sockets are all unisex!


Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide! 

I'm kind of a big deal on social media, do you guys do brand partnerships? 

Of course! We love the opportunity to partner with anyone who wants to help share our message and cause! Shoot us an email at and we'd be happy to chat!


My watch broke, what the heck?

We make sure all of our watches are quality control checked multiple times before landing on your wrist, however, there's always bound to be a bad egg once in a while. If the watch is malfunctioning regularly or stops working (make sure the battery is new), send it back and we're happy to replace it! Since we donate a portion of all the proceeds we unfortunately don't offer monetary refunds. 

Send watches to: 

Well Watches 

21 Brightwood Dr.

Woodbridge, CT 06525-1901

I'm a retailer who would like to carry your watches, how can we make that happen? 

Unfortunately, we don't offer our watches for wholesale purchase as of yet, if you'd like to inquire further feel free to contact us at


What's under the hood of the bad boys? 

It's has a quartz movement, and has a three sub-dial chronograph featuring a second, minute, and hour indicator. Our watches also have a stopwatch with precise start/stop/split/split release.

I have a questions that isn't listed, who should I ask? 

We're always around for a chat! Feel free to email us at and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.